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TacticalPay Radio

Jun 25, 2018

It's time for yet another episode of TacticalPay Radio! This week we're covering an emerging topic in firearms... Extended Long Range (ELR) shooting. Helping Brett cover this, is someone who has won loads of ELR matches and is a true expert. Mitch Fitzpatrick is a college undergraduate, world-class extended long-range shooter, and Co-Owner of the Applied Ballistics Weapons Division, which works on all things related to the science of accuracy.

Mitchell is one of the top F-Class and extended long range shooters in the country. He got started in the shooting industry by getting into F-Class Target Rifle competitive shooting in the spring of 2013. He designed the action and built his rifle from scratch. He's currently attending Michigan Technological University pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with an Emphasis in Aeronautics.

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