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TacticalPay Radio

Apr 30, 2018

It's time to tune in for another great episode of TacticalPay radio! This week, we're lucky to have Daniel Watters of the Loose Rounds gun blog on the show. As you'll hear, Daniel had a lot of insights to share on both gun history and blogging.

Daniel is the creator of "The 5.56 Timeline", which is now hosted on Loose Rounds. His writings chronicle the development process of the small-caliber, high-velocity concept, which lead up to the American adoption of the 5.56mm M16 and M16A1 rifles in 1963... and eventually every major army’s basic issue rifle today. Daniel is the Internet first and foremost small guns historian, and has dedicated his life to gathering and sharing his tremendous knowledge on the subject. Daniel has also been blogging since the 90s, which, given how fast internet time moves, pretty much makes him a historian for that too!

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