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TacticalPay Radio

Jul 16, 2018

Get ready for yet another TacticalPay radio episode! This week, we're talking all about pistol shooting. Joining Brett to share his expertise on this is Brian Zins, who is the Director of Training at Point Blank Range, a shooting range located in North Carolina.

Brian Zins is a retired United States Marine Corps Military Police Gunnery Sergeant, and throughout his military career he earned a number of awards including (6) Marine Corps Good Conduct Medals, (5) Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medals, (1) Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal and (1) Meritorious Service Medal (which is for members of our Armed Forces who distinguish themselves with outstanding meritorious achievement or service to the country). He’s also a 12x national champion in pistol shooting competition. You may also recognize him from Season 2 of the History Channel shooting competition show Top Shot.

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